Vitamin & Mineral Assessments





It is a known fact that the soil that our food is grown on is deficient in nutrients.  Nutrients are needed for proper immunity, digestive function, liver function, stress management, detoxification and brain function. Deficiencies cause many symptoms including: Fatigue, stress intolerance, poor mental function and hormone imbalance.


This assessment uses saliva along with the knowledge of your supplements if any to determine what supplements you may need or don't need.


If you do not have a physician who is knowledgeable about supplements, you may want to consider a phone consultation with Dr. Gazsi.
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Saliva assessments have recently become popular as a better way to assess our needs as it is believed they are a better indicator of long term nutritional needs than blood tests. This is partially due to the fact that the nutrition level in the blood varies rapidly depending on what one eats or takes. There are some exceptions of course to this rule, especially regarding the testing of Iron and Vitamin D both of which can be performed accurately using blood tests. ‡


After paying for this assessment, we will mail you a saliva collection tube along with a diet journal form and a form to fill out what supplements and dosages you are taking. It is critical for the interpretation of the test to have this information, therefore we will not run these tests if all the information is not filled out.


NOTE: This is not an alternative saliva assessment, not a conventional lab test, therefore there are no codes to bill insurance with.
If you do not have a physician who is knowledgeable about supplements, you may want to consider a phone consultation with Dr. Gazsi.
Click here to schedule a consultation with Dr Gazsi.


‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Dr. Michael Gazsi Founded Essential Naturals

with a commitment to the following principles.


1. Clinical Testing & Proven Effectiveness: Our products have been clinically proven for the last twenty years by thousands of real patients in real life medical practice. We don’t keep products that don’t work. READ OUR ONLINE GOOGLE TESTIMONIALS HERE


2. Laboratory Testing: Each product Is tested several different times to verify purity and potency. We Meet or Exceed FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures)


3. A Twenty Year Track Record of Excellence and Experience,


4. Highest Potency and Quality: We use Therapeutic Doses based on the latest scientific research. As a primary care, licensed Naturopathic Physician with a full time practice in Connecticut, I still work with patients on a daily basis. The Essential Naturals products are developed to meet my own patients needs. I’ve refined and proven my products based on their feedback. You now have access to products that have been shown to be effective in clinical practice by a real practicing physician! Most formulas on the market are based on theory, not clinical practice. Our products have been clinically proven for the last 20 years by thousands of real patients.


5. Purity and Safety: Made in the USA from the finest ingredients available worldwide. We only use the highest quality raw materials. Our raw materials come from companies who have excellent established reputations and who test their products for potency, contaminants and impurities. In addition we test and retest each product! We also meet or exceeds FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures)


6. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Every product is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. CLICK HERE for details.


7. Competitive Pricing! Essential Naturals products are a PROVEN VALUE! Even when compared to low quality brands, our products still shine especially when you take potency, concentration and bioavailability into account.


8. As a family owned and family oriented company, we have one primary focus –you and your family’s health and well-being.


Dr Gazsi has been in private practice for 20 years and still maintains a full time practice. He built Essential Naturals around the philosophy that everybody deserves access to professional quality and professional potency natural products. He offers the highest quality, most effective product line available.

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Vitamin & Mineral Assessments


With all of the supplements being advertised these days, I never knew what to take. How clear it is today with a simple assessment. I now know exactly what I am sufficient or deficient in, can monitor it, and adjust accordingly.


I like being able to see what vitamins I am getting in my food so I can just take the supplements I really need. I was surprised to find that I really do get most of what I need from my organic diet. I only really needed a couple things to optimize my health.


I saved a lot of money after doing this assessment. I was taking supplements I really didn’t need. I eat a really healthy diet and found all I need is to take some magnesium.


This has been a great way to really know what I need or how to modify my diet. I learned I was deficient in Vitamin B12, which was causing my fatigue. Yet I was eating red meat, but apparently not absorbing the vitamin very well. I stared taking sublingual B12 with cofactors and feel a lot better!


This test found the answers to my symptoms. I was suffering with fatigue, migraines and terrible muscle cramps. All my blood tests were normal. I took the nutrients that the test said I needed and all my symptoms improved!


I love this service!! With all of the supplements available, I never knew what to take. I now know exactly what I need and can monitor it, and adjust accordingly. Thank you!!